“Jaco was exceptional in many areas of his life; as a musician and composer, as a visual artist, and as an athlete – but maybe his most enduring legacy rests with the four great kids that he brought into the world. i think it is fantastic that the pastorius family has pooled their resources and energies to create a website dedicated to an ongoing celebration of jaco’s music. among other things, i believe that this site will serve as a reminder to all of us of his singular and unique impact; and will likely become a gathering spot for those of us that continue to be intrigued and inspired by the ongoing effects of his music.”

pat metheny (12-01-00)

“Jaco’s passion for music enables him to move into a more profound manifestation of his ‘true’ self, the essence of his True entity which is absolute and eternal…!”

Wayne Shorter (12-01-00)

To My Dear Friend Jaco On His 49th Birthday,
As the ‘Duke’ was fond of saying, “We miss you madly.”

Your music will be with us always, for as great as your bass playing was, I still believe your pencil was mightier than your fretless.

Love you & miss you,

Peter Graves (12-01-00)

“Every bass player can remember where he was when he first heard Jaco. He had the power to stop time like that. I am no exception. I was immediately changed. At the time I was 15 years old. It wasn’t until about 2 years later that I got to see him live. That very night I remember realizing that music was going to be what I spent the rest of my life doing. He was so inspiring that I knew that no matter what adversity I would have to face in life, it would be worth it to be able to even come close to doing what I saw Jaco do, and making others feel the way he made me feel. He was truly a gift to us from God. I really wish that I had the chance to get to know him.”
Oteil Burbridge (01-08-01)

“While sitting with Jaco and listening to the final mix of his first record, I asked him to be quiet and listen… listen to the clicking sounds of bass cases closing all around the world. What I was suggesting was that many bass players would put their instruments away forever.
What I should have said was: “Hey Jaco, listen to the sound of bass players opening their bass cases, inspired as never before, practicing the bass and approaching the instrument in a completely different way. Congratulations, you’ve changed the sound and attitude of the instrument. You’re a once in a lifetime talent.”

As time goes on, the depth of Jaco’s talent as a player and composer will continue to be appreciated.

Rest in peace Jaco, your contributions will live forever.”

Bobby Colomby (01-11-01)

“….Although I never got to see or hear Jaco in person, I know that because every time I pick up my electric bass and hear my subconscious screaming, “JACO! JACO! JACO! JACO!”, I know that his spirit is alive and ROARING not only through me, but every person who has ever heard, seen, or played with him. Jaco will always be one of my biggest heroes. Thank you, Jaco, for gracing the world with your music.”
Christian McBride (01-11-01)

“I love Jaco. I love everything about him, I feel the depth of his joy and pain in every note I have ever heard him play. Obviously he changed the face of electric bass playing forever and a great poet would be needed to attempt to describe it, so I will just remain humbly awe stricken like everyone else.”
Flea (01-11-01)

“Dear Mary, John, Felix and Julius,
Jaco’s music-making abilities and instincts defined an entire era in modern music. Jaco was a total musician: he could pick up any instrument and make music on it … and, if he didn’t have an instrument, he’d use his body for a percussion instrument while he sang! He was fast and he was funny. He was smart and he was wild. He was free and he was trapped. I don’t understand the workings of it, but I think that real genius is as much a blessing as it is a curse … and Jaco was a true genius. But there are a couple of things I do know: one, his music and his presence deeply touched one and all who came into contact with him, and everyone remembers Jaco with a smile; two, he was the Paganini of his instrument … he didn’t just raise the bar for the instrument, he defined the bass anew and then sent it into an orbit path all its own; three, he loved you four kids more than anything else in this world, and was so proud to be your “Daddy.” I know he’s super-proud of you all right now.

Thank you for this website, and best wishes to you all.”

Peter Erskine (01-15-01)

I met Jaco in Los Angeles in 1975 when he first joined Weather Report. He was a really terrific person and he was so excited about just finishing up his first solo recording for Columbia with producer Bobby Colomby. When I heard it, I was amazed by it!
It was the most incredible recording ever made by a bassist!

We spent some time together over the following couple of weeks and to be honest, he changed my life. He gave me so much in such a short time and I was blown away by him and his generosity!

I’ll always be indebted to him for sharing his gift with me and the infinite amount of inspiration and motivation he continues to share when listening to his playing and his music.

He’s a one of a kind, no else like him has come along since and more importantly, he gave us all a beautiful voice to aspire to.

I am forever thankful, Jaco!

Peace, Love and Harmony,

Jimmy Haslip (01-18-01)

I sit precariously perched in a very unique position in the Jaco legacy. Having been one of his biggest fans, AND having followed him in Weather Report. He is reported to have started playing bass in 1967. I was six years old. Considering that historically there’s bass before Jaco and bass after Jaco, that puts me very clearly in the “after Jaco” category. And yet having followed him in Weather Report (even though I was only nineteen at the time) makes me in a sense one of his contemporaries. So I have a view from both sides. The side I’d like to address is to fellow fans. In my travels over the last twenty years I’ve heard the best and the worst people have to say about the man. Well let me ask you all to PLEASE, just listen to the music! Forget all the speculation, conjecture and rumor that has circulated for so many years. I had the fortune to know Jaco a little before he went to that magical place in the sky where bass players go when they leave us, and I found him to be a funny, intelligent guy, much more normal than the mythology has made him out to be. He was just more than “normal” when he played the bass! Listen to any of the “official” recordings of him and that tells you all you need to know. Beware of bootleg CDs, t-shirts, and books purported to have been written or compiled by his close “friends and associates”. Now you have a great site run by his children, and you can be certain that you can’t get any more accurate than that!
Who loves ya!?

Victor Bailey (01-23-01)

It amazes me when someone comes along and so visibly and powerfully effects the world and everything that happens in it after his arrival. We all effect the world in some way but not many have done it in the way that Jaco has. The world of music is changed forever because of this great man. I don’t believe that there is a bass player playing today that has not been influenced by Jaco, Whether he/she knows it or not.
To be a genius U must be “out of your mind” and there is a fine line one must walk between “being in” and “being out” of your mind. There is also the thin line between having and losing control. Jaco was known to lose control from time to time. We find these traits in most of our heroes. Einstein, Beethoven, Mingus, Monk, etc. I believe this to be a blessing in disguise because being able to walk on both sides and combine the energies from the two is what makes these people stand out. This is a necessary ingredient to being the genius that Jaco is.

Because Jaco lived life to the fullest, stretched the limits, erased boundaries, dove into unknown territories, succeeded, failed, always came out smiling and much more, he has given us a precious gift. The gift of his life. This is powerful. We can now use his life choices to determine our life choices. This expands way beyond music. I know that if Jaco had not lived life “exactly” as he did, I would not be the person and musician that I am today and will be tomorrow. Again, I say, This is powerful!

I was never blessed with the pleasure of meeting or seeing Jaco play live but because of his wonderful friends, family and music. I feel that I know him well.

John Francis Pastorius III, U are a part of all of us. I recognize, appreciate and thank U for all of your precious gifts. Bless Us All and Please…..Save me a seat!


Victor Lemonte Wooten (04-16-01)

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